Danny was at the grocery store standing in the checkout line. The woman in front of him was taking a long time and people in line behind him began to get into other lines that were moving faster. Danny looked up to see what was taking so long and the woman trying to buy groceries was counting coins. It became apparent that she was struggling to finish paying for her food. She was embarrassed and began apologizing to Danny for taking so long. Danny was just out of college, married with a baby and not much money to his name but he decided this woman needed help. He reached into his wallet and pulled out $20 and handed it to the woman. She thanked him and said she was so sorry she thought she had enough. The cashier handed her $18 in change. She took it and handed it back to Danny but instead he told her to take her young son out to dinner with the change. The woman was in shock and thanked him over and over.


“In the end, how many people did you help?”-Author Unknown

March Challenge

My heart is so full right now! This has been an absolutely incredible week!!! A few weeks ago I posted a story about Be The Change International. This organization had issued the Purses of Love Challenge that you can read about here. After writing that story I realized that I needed to join the Purses of Love Challenge. I immediately messaged some local friends and fellow church members asking for purses they were willing to donate. I thought I would have five or six purses but we had 40 purses and bags donated!!! A few of the bags even came already packed with toiletries and snacks ready to give away. Continue reading “March Challenge”

Rising Tide Car Wash

“Rising Tide was founded by a family affected by autism in an effort to empower individuals with this diversity by giving them the tools to be elite car wash professionals”

Rising Tide is a car wash in Florida. They have 43 employees and 35 of them are on the autism spectrum. The owners have a son, Andrew, who is Autistic and they decided they wanted him to have a life, a job, and friends like him. When people with autism reach the age of 22 they have aged out of the school system and there is very little meaningful activity for them. 90% of these individuals end up unemployed.  Continue reading “Rising Tide Car Wash”


We have been talking a lot about service around our house lately because of this blog. Lincoln, my Kindergartner, has asked me multiple times to write a story about him. I told him the stories that I share are about people helping people. I then read some of the stories to him and our conversation soon turned to other things and I didn’t think much more of it.

Lincoln came home from school yesterday and told me that he didn’t do one thing to earn a story on this site, he did three (probably to guarantee his spot). So here it goes, the story of Lincoln…


Continue reading “Lincoln”


Lauren was on Pinterest one day and came across an idea to put items into a purse and give it away to a person in need (similar to the Purses of Love post that you can read about here). Later that day she was driving and saw a person in need. Her son was in the car with her and was upset that they didn’t have anything they could give this person. Lauren thought back to the Pinterest idea that she had seen and went home and decided to take action. She made a male and female bag that she could keep in her car for the next time she came across someone.


Her bags included drinks, a snack, toothbrush, chapstick, money, wet wipes, socks, deodorant and a sweet note to brighten someones day.

“He who is best prepared can best serve in his moment of inspiration” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge


One evening in April, we had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put our dog, a golden retriever named Caesar, to sleep. After leaving the vet, we (my father, brother and I) went to a local chain restaurant for a late dinner and to raise a glass in memory of our sweet old boy. The server asked how we were doing, and we explained what the purpose of our visit was. Shortly after bringing our drinks, he told us he had to leave to go let his own dog out and would be turning us over to another server for the duration of our meal. No problem. About 30 minutes later, however, he returned-bearing silk flowers and a Scooby-Doo balloon for us, because he said he understood our loss and wanted us to know that he cared. We of course were in tears, and asked to speak to the manager. He told us that this young man-all of 19 years old-had approached him with the idea, took up a collection among the staff, and had done this of his own accord, even being willing to give up the tip from our table to do it. This is something we will never forget, and has touched us so deeply.

Story Compliments of Today.com


Sheryl lived next door to a man who lived alone. She didn’t see him much and he never had any company come to the house. Sheryl and her neighbor were cordial towards one another and would stop and talk on their way to their mailboxes or getting the paper. Over the years they became friends. One day Sheryl saw an ambulance outside of her neighbors house. She ran over to check on him and found out that he had a heart attack and the paramedics were taking him to the hospital. As she was talking to the paramedics she happened to glance inside of her neighbors house. She had lived next to him for years and had never been inside. There were piles and piles of trash on the floor. Continue reading “Sheryl”

Volunteer Match

This is a great organization that matches people with nonprofit organizations who need volunteers. When you enter the Volunteer Match site you can enter your location and interests. They will provide you with a list of organizations in your area that could use your help. This is a great way to get involved and an easy way to get set up with a volunteer opportunity that will interest you. Continue reading “Volunteer Match”


While riding the SkyTrain from Vancouver, B.C., where he was visiting a friend, Ehab notice a man who was behaving erratically. The man was cursing and shouting, which made many passengers feel uncomfortable and led them to believe he was coping with drug abuse or mental health issues. Ehab even thought about switching seats to move away from the man.

While most shied away, a group of teenagers laughed at the man, which prompted a woman to speak up and tell them to stop before she reached out her hand in hopes of calming him down. Continue reading “Ehab”


Stephanie is a sweet friend of mine from high school. She is constantly thinking of others and decided to do a challenge where she would perform random acts of kindness. One of the acts of kindness she did was donate platelets on her lunch break. This might not seem like a big deal to some but when I saw the picture of her donating platelets I immediately started crying. You see, my sister Jess (who you can read about here) was going Continue reading “Stephanie”

Be The Change International

This is an opportunity for you to make a difference! Be The Change International has come up with a great idea for all of us to get involved. During the month of February search your closets for any old purses you would be willing to donate. Fill the purses!! Some examples of what you could fill them with: Continue reading “Be The Change International”


Chad was very involved in different high school programs. He was in Student Government but also participated in a church seminary program for students with special needs. In the Special Needs Seminary program each student had a “helper” who would sit next to them during class. Through his position as a “helper” and also being in Student Government Chad made friends with two girls from his school named Hollee and Brandi both have cognitive disabilities. Even though Chad graduated years ago he still makes it a point to take both of his friends out for ice cream about once a month. Continue reading “Chad”