“4 suitcases, 3 car seats, 3 kiddos and one me. How I planned on getting from the rental car place to the check-in at the airport is beyond me. But thankfully, 5 amazing, complete strangers came to my aid and helped me the entire way! Until I was checked in! THESE people are who make the world a better place!! #thankyou”


Andrea was outside of her local Target when she saw a boy selling candy. As Andrea and her mom were walking away, a lady walked up to the boy and told him she wanted to see his license to sell. The lady started harassing this boy to the point where he started to cry. A group of people started telling the lady to leave him alone. Finally a man came up and told the lady she should be ashamed of herself. The man asked the boy how much candy he had. This gentlemen purchased every piece of candy the boy had ($80 worth) and started giving the candy away to the group of people. Andrea said, “There are good people and bad people in this world and I saw it firsthand.”

Story credit: Andrea Lizarraga and viralhog.com

LeBron James Family Foundation


In honor of the NBA draft, here is an oldie but a goodie. Its a story about a basketball superstar with a huge heart. LeBron James has partnered with the University of Akron to provide four-year scholarships to the students involved in James’ “I promise” program who qualify. The LeBron James Family Foundation will cover tuition and fee’s (currently $9,500 per year) for 1,100 kids. This will cost his foundation a total of $41.8 million. Continue reading “LeBron James Family Foundation”


One night my family and I decided to go to In N Out for dinner. When we arrived there was a teenager sitting outside. As we approached he asked if we could spare a dollar to buy a hamburger. We told him we only had a card on us but if he followed us inside we would be happy to buy him dinner. When our food was ready we asked if he wanted to join us for dinner. He smiled and said he would love to. Continue reading “Kelly”


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”- Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

This quote was constantly on my mind this past week. As of now, everyone has heard of the devastating shooting that happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. It is absolutely heartbreaking that someone could be filled with so much evil and hatred. Unfortunately there are bad people in the world. In times like these it helps to do as Mr. Rogers said and “look for the helpers”. So this post is dedicated to highlighting some of the many helpers. Continue reading “Orlando”


Kirk Alexander is a regular at Domino’s. He usually orders multiple times a week from them. Sarah Fuller is the manager at Kirk’s local Domino’s. Sarah realized that they had not had an order from Kirk in awhile so she looked up his last order. According to her computer it had been 11 days since he had placed an order. Sarah decided to send one of her delivery drivers over to his house to check on him. Continue reading “Domino’s”