“Mark and I went to lunch the day I had chemo in Billings. While we were there two military men (in their camo uniforms) came in to eat. We felt impressed to help pay for their meal. We only had $20 to give them, but we walked over to their table on our way out and gave them the $, shook their hands and thanked them for their wonderful service. It felt so good!

The next time I went to the restaurant, Mark and I went to get soup-n-salad (coupon for $5.99!) at Olive Garden. They have a drink I love….kiwi Continue reading “Sheryl”


Kari is on a mission to bring back The American Dream . She is doing acts of kindness in hopes that people will pass it on. Her most recent act of kindness was when she pulled into a car wash to use their free vacuums. “As I was vacuuming, an SUV pulled up next to me and a woman hopped out. Her infant was screaming from its car seat. I could hear her trying to comfort the baby saying things like, ‘I’ll hurry’ ‘I know its such a long trip’ ‘Mommy is hurrying…’ I could tell she was flustered. I stopped my vacuum and asked her if I could vacuum her car for her while she comforted her baby. She seemed totally surprised and graciously accepted. She got her kiddo out obviously a new baby, and rocked the baby back and forth away from the loud vacuums. It didn’t take me long and when i finished she offered to pay me. I told her she could repay me by helping reignite #TheAmericanDream and help someone she saw in need. She said she would. I hope you will too.”

Security Guard

When I was pregnant with my twins I had a pretty healthy pregnancy. I never went on bed rest but I was large and uncomfortable. During the last trimester my husband and I decided to take our two boys to a Rangers baseball game for one last outing as a family of four. When we got there my husband dropped me off close to the entrance while he went and parked the car. Come to find out the only parking spots that were open were a long walk away. Continue reading “Security Guard”