Dang Vuong is a 34-year old car salesman from England. He is being called a hero after rushing to the aid of an elderly woman. The woman fell while running a bath and tried to call her granddaughter for help but mistakenly dialed the wrong number and called Dang’s work. Dang had the receptionist keep her on the line while he wasted no time rushing to this woman’s home. When he got there the front door was unlocked. He went in to find her on the bathroom floor. Dang said, “When I arrived, she was in shock more than anything, there was blood on her face and the bath was overflowing.” He continued, “I told her who I was and then scooped her up and put her on the sofa and covered her with a blanket and waited until her caretakers and family came.”


Andrea was outside of her local Target when she saw a boy selling candy. As Andrea and her mom were walking away, a lady walked up to the boy and told him she wanted to see his license to sell. The lady started harassing this boy to the point where he started to cry. A group of people started telling the lady to leave him alone. Finally a man came up and told the lady she should be ashamed of herself. The man asked the boy how much candy he had. This gentlemen purchased every piece of candy the boy had ($80 worth) and started giving the candy away to the group of people. Andrea said, “There are good people and bad people in this world and I saw it firsthand.”

Story credit: Andrea Lizarraga and viralhog.com

LeBron James Family Foundation


In honor of the NBA draft, here is an oldie but a goodie. Its a story about a basketball superstar with a huge heart. LeBron James has partnered with the University of Akron to provide four-year scholarships to the students involved in James’ “I promise” program who qualify. The LeBron James Family Foundation will cover tuition and fee’s (currently $9,500 per year) for 1,100 kids. This will cost his foundation a total of $41.8 million. Continue reading “LeBron James Family Foundation”


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”- Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

This quote was constantly on my mind this past week. As of now, everyone has heard of the devastating shooting that happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. It is absolutely heartbreaking that someone could be filled with so much evil and hatred. Unfortunately there are bad people in the world. In times like these it helps to do as Mr. Rogers said and “look for the helpers”. So this post is dedicated to highlighting some of the many helpers. Continue reading “Orlando”


Kirk Alexander is a regular at Domino’s. He usually orders multiple times a week from them. Sarah Fuller is the manager at Kirk’s local Domino’s. Sarah realized that they had not had an order from Kirk in awhile so she looked up his last order. According to her computer it had been 11 days since he had placed an order. Sarah decided to send one of her delivery drivers over to his house to check on him. Continue reading “Domino’s”

Island Pacific Academy Graduates

Island Pacific Academy graduates decided to do something different with their graduation party. Instead of a lavish night they changed into street clothes after their graduation ceremony and got on a bus headed for Target. Once there, they split up into teams and were given a list of items that a local food pantry was in need of. Each team was given $300. The team who bought the most items with that money won. Continue reading “Island Pacific Academy Graduates”


Someone saw this man dancing and decided to make fun of him. They took this picture and wrote this comment, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.” They posted the image and caption onto the internet in an attempt to tease and cyber bully this man. Instead a beautiful thing happened… Continue reading “#dancingman”


“This is what me and my daughter have started doing…We are keeping a “Blessing bag” in our car in case we find someone in need. You can make these up with items from the Dollar Tree such as gloves, thermal socks, beef sticks, crackers, candy bars, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, deodorant, snacks and other items that may help someone who is homeless or in a bad way. It is just a thoughtful, inspiring thing to do. This is something we are going to start doing from now on. Thank you to the ones that did this long before us, for being such a giving, loving, caring person! Random acts of kindness take very little to change the life of just one person!”


Photo courtesy of Amy Verder-Original source Love What Matters.


“My Beloved husband of 26 years, Drew, was called home after a 19 month battle with glioblastoma/brain cancer. Shortly after, my dear friend Sue made this quilt for me and our daughters out of his neckties. This heartfelt gift was a labor of love that we will treasure forever.”


Story Compliments of Love What Matters.

Jessica D.

After the funeral of Columbus, Ohio SWAT Officer Steven Smith, nine police officers, who were in attendance, went to their local Red Robin to get something to eat. Jessica was their server that day and she could tell there was a gloom in the air. She asked how their day was and they replied, “It’s always a rough day when you’ve gotta put a brother in the ground.” She realized that they had probably come from Officer Smith’s funeral and Jessica knew she had to do something. Continue reading “Jessica D.”


There are plenty of problems in the world today. Most of us hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren. We see the issues and wish they would change. Then there are people like Catherine Lucre of Sydney, Australia. Catherine is a mother of 4 and Grandmother of 3. She saw a problem in her city and decided enough was enough and put together a plan to stop it. Continue reading “Catherine”

Denny’s Angel

“Today I met an angel. You came into a Denny’s I work at in Utah. You asked me, ‘Can I have a waitress who is a single mother?’ I thought it was very odd, but I sat you in Crystal’s section. You sat there for 2 hours just watching people. 7 families came in and ate while you were there and you paid every one of their bills, over $1,000 you paid for people you didn’t even know. I asked, ‘Why did you do that?’ You simply said, ‘Family is everything, I’ve lost all mine.’ Looking into your eyes while you said that made me tear up (it’s why I walked away so quickly) as soon as I got in the back I broke down in tears because your eyes had so much pain in them. I just wanted to let you know, the waitress Crystal that you requested was living in a shelter with her son until she was able to save up enough to get a place. Your bill was $21.34 and you left her a $1,500 tip, because of you 7 families ate for free. Crystal told me she prayed the night before for a miracle and God sent you. You left before any of us could say thank you, I hope you read this because you’re truly an amazing person and you stole the hearts of every one of us here. Thank you.”

Story compliments of Love What Matters.

Animal Rescue League

A few weeks ago the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire was robbed. Someone broke into their community food pantry and took 65 bags worth of donated dog and cat food. The food was meant to be distributed to the elderly and families who financially could not afford pet food. They do have the suspect on surveillance¬†and they are working with police to try to catch him. No one expected what would happen next.¬† Continue reading “Animal Rescue League”