“Today at Walmart we were sitting in the longest line in the world and the kids were done to say the least! An older gentleman sitting in a motor cart behind us started chatting with the kids and watching them and laughing at them. They were both playing with these stuffed animals as we waited but then of course it was time to put them back as we finished up checking out. The kids were good and just put them right back. As we got ready to leave the man told his wife to grab him one of each and hurried them to the cashier. As soon as they were rung up he said, “Here, my kids are all grown up and I don’t get to do this kind of thing anymore!” Needless to say the kids haven’t put them down and this mama is humbled once more by the kind people of the world.”


“Mark and I went to lunch the day I had chemo in Billings. While we were there two military men (in their camo uniforms) came in to eat. We felt impressed to help pay for their meal. We only had $20 to give them, but we walked over to their table on our way out and gave them the $, shook their hands and thanked them for their wonderful service. It felt so good!

The next time I went to the restaurant, Mark and I went to get soup-n-salad (coupon for $5.99!) at Olive Garden. They have a drink I love….kiwi Continue reading “Sheryl”


Kari is on a mission to bring back The American Dream . She is doing acts of kindness in hopes that people will pass it on. Her most recent act of kindness was when she pulled into a car wash to use their free vacuums. “As I was vacuuming, an SUV pulled up next to me and a woman hopped out. Her infant was screaming from its car seat. I could hear her trying to comfort the baby saying things like, ‘I’ll hurry’ ‘I know its such a long trip’ ‘Mommy is hurrying…’ I could tell she was flustered. I stopped my vacuum and asked her if I could vacuum her car for her while she comforted her baby. She seemed totally surprised and graciously accepted. She got her kiddo out obviously a new baby, and rocked the baby back and forth away from the loud vacuums. It didn’t take me long and when i finished she offered to pay me. I told her she could repay me by helping reignite #TheAmericanDream and help someone she saw in need. She said she would. I hope you will too.”

Security Guard

When I was pregnant with my twins I had a pretty healthy pregnancy. I never went on bed rest but I was large and uncomfortable. During the last trimester my husband and I decided to take our two boys to a Rangers baseball game for one last outing as a family of four. When we got there my husband dropped me off close to the entrance while he went and parked the car. Come to find out the only parking spots that were open were a long walk away. Continue reading “Security Guard”


“4 suitcases, 3 car seats, 3 kiddos and one me. How I planned on getting from the rental car place to the check-in at the airport is beyond me. But thankfully, 5 amazing, complete strangers came to my aid and helped me the entire way! Until I was checked in! THESE people are who make the world a better place!! #thankyou”


One night my family and I decided to go to In N Out for dinner. When we arrived there was a teenager sitting outside. As we approached he asked if we could spare a dollar to buy a hamburger. We told him we only had a card on us but if he followed us inside we would be happy to buy him dinner. When our food was ready we asked if he wanted to join us for dinner. He smiled and said he would love to. Continue reading “Kelly”


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”- Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

This quote was constantly on my mind this past week. As of now, everyone has heard of the devastating shooting that happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. It is absolutely heartbreaking that someone could be filled with so much evil and hatred. Unfortunately there are bad people in the world. In times like these it helps to do as Mr. Rogers said and “look for the helpers”. So this post is dedicated to highlighting some of the many helpers. Continue reading “Orlando”


Martha was having a hard day and decided that doing something kind would make someones day better, including her own. She left two Gatorade on top of her trash cans for the men who come to collect her trash. Her note read, “Thank you! Stay cool!”


“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change. ” -Bob Kerrey


I try to be positive and show kindness to others, I myself a disabled Vet. I was at the Dallas VA a couple weeks ago, and a soldier walked by me (I apologize, I didn’t get his name) but he was a burn patient from the Afghan war I believe. His face and ears were burned and he couldn’t see very well. He asked me if I could help to show him to which clinic he needed to go to, I was choked up, and showed him his way. I talked to the desk for him, then went back and sat down with him. He didn’t know me as I didn’t know him, we talked for about 30 min, just basic to how he’s doing and dealing with everything. When I had to leave he grabbed my arm, stood and gave me a hug, now I was chocked up! He thanked me for being just that one person (I guess outside of his family) to sit with him like there’s nothing wrong with him and just to have a visit. I sure would like to find him and see how he is progressing. My heart felt blessed for this act of kindness, you typically never see. I just hope I made his day a little lighter.
David Nottingham

Bryan and Mai

Bryan and his wife Mai flip houses for a living. They sometimes come across random items left in a house. Recently they found a treasure, someones purple heart. They did the right thing and mailed it back to the family who lost it. Bryan said, “It’s pretty amazing what we find in some of these homes that we flip. This by far takes the cake!!” Continue reading “Bryan and Mai”


“Good deeds should be recognized!!
As I was checking out today at Walmart, an elderly lady was in front of me. A man probably in his late 50’s or 60’s helped her put her groceries into her cart. Then he proceeded to tell her that his mom had passed away a few years ago and that he had already paid for her groceries! He wished her a Happy Mother’s Day! The lady was shocked at the good deed. It was so sweet!! A few of us got a little teary- eyed!! I love to see kindness!!”


“Loma Linda is such a special place to my family and I. It is where many miracles took place and will always hold a place in my heart. Jake and I walked into the hospital so that I could get some lab work done. Typically Jake stays by my side however this time, he walked right over to an older man sitting alone in the waiting room. Jake stood there for a good few minutes holding this mans hand just smiling at him. It was as though they had a connection to each other without ever saying a word. So often we get caught up in the daily grind of life and miss the little things… smile more, laugh often and find joy in the journey!”


“If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.” -Author Unknown