Kari is on a mission to bring back The American Dream . She is doing acts of kindness in hopes that people will pass it on. Her most recent act of kindness was when she pulled into a car wash to use their free vacuums. “As I was vacuuming, an SUV pulled up next to me and a woman hopped out. Her infant was screaming from its car seat. I could hear her trying to comfort the baby saying things like, ‘I’ll hurry’ ‘I know its such a long trip’ ‘Mommy is hurrying…’ I could tell she was flustered. I stopped my vacuum and asked her if I could vacuum her car for her while she comforted her baby. She seemed totally surprised and graciously accepted. She got her kiddo out obviously a new baby, and rocked the baby back and forth away from the loud vacuums. It didn’t take me long and when i finished she offered to pay me. I told her she could repay me by helping reignite #TheAmericanDream and help someone she saw in need. She said she would. I hope you will too.”

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