March Challenge

My heart is so full right now! This has been an absolutely incredible week!!! A few weeks ago I posted a story about Be The Change International. This organization had issued the Purses of Love Challenge that you can read about here. After writing that story I realized that I needed to join the Purses of Love Challenge. I immediately messaged some local friends and fellow church members asking for purses they were willing to donate. I thought I would have five or six purses but we had 40 purses and bags donated!!! A few of the bags even came already packed with toiletries and snacks ready to give away.

As I started getting ready to plan what I needed to buy to fill the bags more donations started flooding in but this time they were items to fill the bags. I would get a donation and make a mental note that I needed more toothbrushes (not mentioning it to anyone) the next day someone new would show up at my door with a bag full of toothbrushes. Now that the toothbrushes had been met I decided to purchase more tissue. Again, the following day there was someone at my door with a bag full of tissue. This happened 4 different times!! (The 5th time I made a mental note that I needed a winning lottery ticket…I’m still waiting on that friend to show up). Friends also donated money and Kroger our local grocery story even donated a gift card.

We had planned to deliver the bags this past Saturday and as life happens we had a very busy morning and I was behind getting the bags put together but our wonderful babysitter randomly showed up 20 minutes early and came to my rescue. The bags were stuffed full with goodies and ready to go in time for our scheduled departure. My husband and I decided to take our oldest son to help him learn more about charity.

On the drive to Dallas our son talked the entire time he was SO excited!! As the city got closer I started getting nervous. What if we offend someone? What if they don’t want the bags? That couldn’t have been further from the truth!!! Every single person we met yesterday said “Thank you!” and half of them said “God bless you!” Many of them took the time to talk to us and even directed us to the people who would most benefit from the purses. Some of them looked intimidating until we showed them the bags and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them smiled!!! I could not have asked for a better experience for my son! These people were kind to him and loving and SO grateful!


We ran out of bags. I left there feeling so good about what we did but I also left there feeling like there was so much more that could be done for these people. One lady that we came across was sitting by herself. I jumped out of the car with two different purses and asked her which one she would like, her response, “Do either of them have food?”. Thank goodness they both had a snack in them but at that moment I wished I had put more food in all of them. I asked some of the friends that we had made what items they appreciate the most and their responses were food and baby wipes because they can’t always get to a shower.

I now pass the challenge on to you!! You don’t have to fill a purse or anything fancy if you don’t have one to donate. You can click here to read about Lauren from a few days ago and the easy bags she had put together. So for the month of March your challenge is put together a bag with some necessities (wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, snack, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, floss, sunscreen, water, soap, etc) and find someone in need to give it to. Good luck and have fun!!


 “We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children. He is dependent upon each of us.”

—President Thomas S. Monson


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  1. My husband works downtown. He rides the train and then walks a few blocks to the office. He said yesterday he saw a presumably homeless woman that he and others see from time to time and she was sporting a “new purse.” I asked about his use of the word “new” and he said it was because he had never seen her with it before and she was wearing it around her neck and hanging in front where she could keep track of it. It was beige. He thought of you and our conversations about your project in our city and so he asked this woman if she had eaten and then shared some money with her for a meal. He said that he knows another coworker has seen her and taken her to lunch before. Little offerings, but it is contagious when you see and hear about others doing good.

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