Peter took his girlfriend out to dinner one night. They had a great time laughing and enjoying each others company. At the end of their meal Peter asked for the bill and their waitress said that another guest had covered their dinner. When he asked who it was so he could thank them the waitress said the guest had already left. He still to this day has no idea who the mystery guest was but is so thankful for their kindness!

Donate to Cranio Care Bears

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Cranio Care Bears can use your donations! You can donate money or items.

Typical items in their care packages are socks for mom & baby, toiletries, toys, teethers, snacks, gum, chap stick, body wash, tissues, etc. They also send homemade hats, blankets, pillow cases and prayer chains. If you are a crafty person and would like to make something, they would love to include them!

You can send donations to:

Shelby Davidson
Cranio Care Bears
PO Box 60234
Seattle, WA 98160
Click here to visit their website.

Cranio Care Bears

This organization hits close to home. My son was born February 2012. We were at the pediatricians office when he was ten days old and our pediatrician felt a ridge on the top of his head. He sent us to get a CT scan which confirmed that he had Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Click here to learn more about it but basically when he was born his skull had fused prematurely leaving the top of his head to look oval instead of round.

This was a very scary time for us. They performed the operation when he was ten weeks old. He had to have two inches by six inches of his skull removed in order to help it grow properly. He also had to wear a helmet for six months to help reshape his skull.


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Gina had just finished delivering something in her work truck. As she was driving home she came upon a small car with a mattress strapped to the roof. The longer she drove next to this car the more apparent it was that the mattress was on the verge of testing its nonexistent wings. She flagged the driver down and offered to strap the mattress to the back of her truck. The driver was very grateful for Ginas willingness to help. They strapped down the attempted runaway and drove it to its rightful home.


The walls were closing in on me. “Not her, please not her!!” My Dad had just called me at 5:30 am and told me my pregnant sister had a seizure during the night. They rushed her to the ER and found a large cancerous brain tumor (Anaplastic Astrocytoma). My family knew the word cancer all too well, my Mom passed away from Breast Cancer five years earlier. We KNEW cancer. We knew the selfish disease that took and took and refused to be cured. We HATED cancer! We thought we had seen the end of it but it was showing its ugly, unwelcome face again this time with a new host.


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