“Mark and I went to lunch the day I had chemo in Billings. While we were there two military men (in their camo uniforms) came in to eat. We felt impressed to help pay for their meal. We only had $20 to give them, but we walked over to their table on our way out and gave them the $, shook their hands and thanked them for their wonderful service. It felt so good!

The next time I went to the restaurant, Mark and I went to get soup-n-salad (coupon for $5.99!) at Olive Garden. They have a drink I love….kiwi melon limonata. It’s super refreshing and always settles my stomach!
We asked the Olive Garden manager if they sold the kiwi melon syrup…told him that while I’ve been dealing with cancer it’s the only drink that is so refreshing…and we haven’t been able to find the syrup anywhere else! Anyway, he came back out a few minutes later and GAVE us a bottle of the syrup and told us how to make the drink. I about cried! So very sweet!!

I know the manager (Jim) at Olive Garden felt the same in helping us. It’s awesome to see, and be reminded, of all the good in the world! I’m so glad we followed the prompting to be kind to the servicemen, we have been blessed indeed!”

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