These last few weeks I have been MIA because my family and I have been out of town. My dad got married at the beginning of our trip to an amazing woman who has five incredible children. I could not be more excited to join ranks with this fun crew!


After the wedding we were able to spend two weeks with family, including Jessica who is the reason for this blog (you can read her story here). Jess is currently battling brain cancer but she looks great and seems so much more like herself. It was so nice to be able to get together to play.


My Father in Law is also battling brain cancer and a few days before we left for our trip he had a stroke which has left him paralyzed on his right side. It has been very difficult for everyone but I have to give credit to this blog for keeping my eyes open. Because of this blog I look for “Inspirational Strangers”. On the day that my father in law had his stroke he was driving when he started to swerve and eventually pulled over. There was a couple who were driving behind him and saw the whole thing. They easily could have kept driving but they pulled over to check on him. This couple realized he needed help and called 9-1-1 then used his thumb to get into his phone and called my mother in law.


Since the stroke people have come from all over to help. A group of youth went to their house and washed the outside windows. A man took it upon himself to fix any home repairs they needed help with. Another man has a landscaping business and he took care of their yard. Friends have waited with my mother in law in the hospital and meals have been brought among MANY other acts of kindness.

In my experience, it is impossible to go through situations like this and not see the good in people. Lets work together to BE that good for others and hopefully kindness will be contagious.

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